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 **Please read the following information very carefully before you book a session**

Mediumship Sessions
Bookings are in Central Time U.S.
What to Expect During Your Session


Before you book a session, please understand that I do not do psychic/guidance sessions. I work exclusively with mediumship; connecting with those that have crossed over. 


Whether we meet in person, virtually or over the phone, the connection with Spirit is just as strong.


For group sessions please understand that I will do my best to ensure everyone gets a personal reading but, due to the number of people and time constraints, an individual reading is not guaranteed.

Phone sessions are private and for one person only. For Virtual mediumship sessions, one person may join you for support.

During the session, I will begin by shifting my awareness to the Spirit-World. As the process unfolds, a person in Spirit will step forward; I will provide evidence to help you identify the person. Please understand that I have no control over whom steps forward. I will deliver the messages exactly how I receive them; without edit, interpretation or fluff. 


I can't stress this enough, if you have an expectation that those in Spirit will fix your problem(s) or that they will tell you exactly how to proceed forward with your life, you will be disappointed. Spirit may send you inspiring thoughts, nudge you in a certain direction or validate a feeling you already have about a particular situation but, please understand that it is not Spirit’s role to make decisions for you, you are responsible for your life choices and decisions. Additionally,  I will not answer infidelity, medical, legal or financial questions.


If my automated appointment availability doesn't fit your schedule, please contact me and I will work with you to schedule an appointment. I have some flexibility to work outside of my published hours. Please  Click Here to arrange a session.

Telephone Session (US Residents Only)

When booking a telephone session, please include the telephone number you can be reached at for your session. For telephone sessions, I will call you at our scheduled appointment time so, please be ready to receive the phone call. 

If you're outside of the United States and would like to book a no-video session, please contact me; we can arrange a session using Skype.

All sessions include an energy healing/clearing!

Phone sessions are private sessions for one person only. 

Mediumship Session, Phone:

15 Minutes: $75

30 Minutes: $150

Please Click Here to book your reading.  

Virtual Session Via Zoom

The Family Session and Friends Session can't be booked online. To schedule a session, please contact me by using the Client Contact form; please indicate which session you would like to arrange. Please Click Here to schedule your session.  

When booking a Zoom Reading, please ensure that you have Zoom installed and ready to use prior to your reading. If you are unprepared for the session, any time used dealing with tech-issues will be deducted from your session.  Zoom download is available for FREE at A Zoom Meeting link will be sent when your appointment is booked. 

The person that books the Session is responsible for sending the Zoom Link to the people in the group.

All sessions include an energy healing/clearing!

You may have one person join you for the mediumship session. 

Mediumship Session, Zoom:

30 Minutes: $150

Family Session, Zoom;

60 Minutes Session for up to four family members: $325

Friends Session, Zoom;

60 Minutes Session for up to four people: $325

Click Here to schedule your session.  

Please understand that I will do my best to ensure everyone gets a personal reading but, due to the number of people and time constraints, an individual reading is not guaranteed for everyone in the group.

Spiritual Assessment

Have you felt a pull to work with your abilities? Would like some guidance, direction and instruction as to what is next? This session is customized to your own personal path and tailored to your innate soul driven purpose.

30 Minutes Session, Phone: $150


30 Minutes Session, Zoom: $150

Please Click Here to schedule your session.  

Gifting a Session

I'm often asked how someone might gift a session to a friend or family member, eGift Cards are now available! To purchase an eGift Card, please Click Here.

***Disclaimers ***

You are equally responsible for the successful outcome of your session.  To ensure a successful session, you must come both mentally and physically prepared.  I recommend that you take time to sit quietly and relax for at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. During the time that you are relaxing and quieting your mind, ask those in spirit that you wish to visit with to join you.  Please suspend any and all expectations about who may show up or what information will come through.  Spirit knows what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear; I let them lead session and do my very best to stay out of their way.  This isn't to say that the person you want to hear from will not show up, more than likely, they often do.  


You must be in a quiet environment and free from distractions.  It takes a lot of energy and concentration on my behalf to communicate with your loved ones. Please note, I will stop a session due to continual distractions and NO REFUND will be given.


If you are more than 10 minutes late from our scheduled appointment time, I reserve the right to cancel the session or shorten the session by the amount of time that you are late.  If the session is ended NO REFUND will be given so, please ensure that you are on time.


Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. If a client becomes disrespectful at anytime, the session will be immediately terminated and no refund will be given. 

Please keep in mind that I usually have sessions booked back-to-back and I must have time to mentally prepare for subsequent sessions. Please don't ask me to continue the session by connecting to another person in spirit as your session comes to a close. Thank you for your understanding.

By booking a Reading or Distance Healing Energy Session , you agree to the following terms and conditions: I, Michael Christopher, will connect with the world of spirit and will also gain insight using my psychic awareness.  The readings that I provide are for guidance only.  What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any action you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice.  All readings and questions answered should not at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services, and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.  Additionally, the services received on this website through mediumship, intuitive readings or, distance energy healing should not be considered a substitution for medical advice or medical treatment in any way.  Distance energy healing session results will vary from client to client and I make no guarantee that you will benefit from distance energy healing.  If you are a person dealing with mental illness, chronic illness, or any other life threatening physical or mental illness, you should seek medical treatment immediately via your local hospital, regular medical treatment and/or the suicide help line.    



For cancellations, please contact me no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to ensure a full refund of payment.  If you fail to cancel your appointment prior to 24 hours from the scheduled time of your appointment, you will not receive a refund of your payment. 

***By booking a session, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the instructions above.***






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