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Michael Christopher-Evidential Medium

Raising Our Consciousness and Creating Hope. 

1 April 2024

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Hello! I’m Michael Christopher and welcome to my website. I am a psychic and evidential medium. I know, fancy-mysterious title right? I explain below what that means.


Since I discovered and accepted my gift, I’ve had this overwhelming desire and drive to do readings. I thoroughly understand that my calling is to serve. I pride myself on being able to quickly deliver evidential based information from spirit to my clients. Although I tend to favor mediumship readings over psychic or intuitive readings, I’m equally able to tap into a person’s energy and provide them with needed guidance.


My job as a Medium is to translate energy into physical language. Since those in-spirit no longer have a physical body, they essentially communicate through thought projection, and I receive their thoughts through my psychic senses. Please understand that with any translation, I will misinterpret from time to time. I’m certainly not perfect although, I try to be!  


The goal with my work is to help people begin to heal. Through my readings, I hope to demonstrate that life does not end with physical death; far from it!


Even more important, I want people to realize that the ability to connect with those on the other side is not exclusive to just mediums. Everyone is born with the ability to connect, it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and trusting what you receive.

Time and time again I have given people hope and helped them to understand that we will see our family and friends again when we cross over to the spirit world.

To learn more about me, please visit my "About" page. You can also schedule your mediumship session by visiting my  "Book Session" page.

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